The Enneagram & Conscious Living
The Enneagram & Conscious Living
Christina Granahan

Welcome to The Enneagram & Conscious Living

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About Me

I'm just looking to create a community of seekers and learners. 

Why You Should Join Me

This community is ever-evolving. Coursework, community engagement, mutual's all here. Maybe more. Let's remind each other who we were before we lost contact with our Essence. It's still there and is available right now. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining me. I love the idea that this is solitary and deeply personal work that is impossible to do without community. I need you here! 

What else?

There is more on my website and I still maintain an Instagram page, but I'd like to shift our community here to Mighty Networks. Please let folks who are interested in learning more to join us or reach out to me directly.